YARROW - tincture - flower essence - wild crafted - organic
YARROW - tincture - flower essence - wild crafted - organic
YARROW - tincture - flower essence - wild crafted - organic

YARROW - tincture - flower essence - wild crafted - organic

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A favorite plant ally of mine! Yarrow is a must have all around my home - from my first aid kit to my self care routines!

•wound healer
•hemostatic - stops bleeding
•reduces acne when used internally and externally with a toner
•relives UTIs
•aids with colds and flus
•helps bleeding gums and cleaning your mouth - just a few drops on your tooth brush or as a mouth wash diluted in water
•relieves itchy skin and skin other irritations

If you order a tincture and need help learning how to use it, my inbox is always open! Always happy to help!!
Tinctures are made from fresh flowering tops and 100 proof vodka and will be mailed to you in a 2 oz amber glass bottle. Please reuse!


Yarrow essence is for PROTECTION. She carries the highest frequency of white light that you are capable of integrating down through your crown chakra and into the central nervous system. She clears your energy fields and helps you to align with your true self. She repairs energetic boundaries and is a wonderful ally for those seeking spiritual and energetic guidance. She is a true healer of the energetic realms!

TO USE// Simple take 4 drops - 4x a day orally. You can also add flower essences to your temples, wrists, chakras, and heart space if you feel pulled to do so. I have even added them to my bath and cleaning products to assist with energetic cleansing of my space.

You will receive .5 ounce glass amber stock bottle - please reuse or recycle!

Handcrafted with blackberry brandy.


WHAT IS A FLOWER ESSENCE// Flower essences are a form of energy medicine that contains the energetic imprint of a specific flower. It is collected at the height of the bloom and is infused in pure spring water that I collect myself. Flower essences are used as a vibrational remedy and help with releasing patterns and raising your vibration to awaken your best self. Flower essences can have a huge impact on your emotional and spiritual wellbeing when used consciously.

To make a dosage bottle you simply add 1-7 drops of your stock bottle to a separate bottle, and then fill that separate dosage bottle with a mixture of 50% brandy and 50% water. You do not have to make a dosage bottle, but by doing so you will prolong the life of your essence. You can also blend flower essences together to make your own blend. Regardless, taking an essence from the stock or the dosage bottle will not hinder the medicine. Both ways work truly well.


My products are all made in small batches by me - I only use organic and local ingredients as much as possible. Most herbs used in my products are wild crafted or grown right here on our homestead. If I cant harvest them myself then they come from fair trade, organic sources. I do not use any fragrance oils in my products - just pure essential oils and honest ingredients.

SHIPPING// With the exception of tinctures, elixirs, soaps and seasonal products - everything is MADE TO ORDER. I am a mama of 4 kids so sometimes it can take me up to 2 weeks to ship your package. I am always striving to find a balance between home and work life. If you need an order rushed then I will be happy to assist you - just shoot me a message to let me know. If not then I sincerely appreciate your patience. I ship flat rate regional rate. If you need another shipping method feel free to contact me.


Descriptions and information are for informational purposes only and are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease or illness. All pregnant women and those with medical conditions should consult a doctor before using anything new.