Wild Nettle Apothecary is a hand crafted and small batch apothecary located in the rolling Mountains of West Virginia. We base our practice around Appalachia folk medicine, organic gardening, wild crafting, plant-lore, and self care. I make our medicines in tune with the seasons, the Moon and ritual practices. Everything is crafted in small batches with the best ingredients either grown by yours truly, wild crafted, or purchased from an ethical, organic source. The batches are so small and personal that once they sell out, they may never appear in the same form again.

We grow the majority of our own herbs by hand. In the spring and summer you can find us outdoors starting seeds, weeding, and pouring every bit of our energy into our plants. It is a love affair that happens during those warm months and is truly our happy place. If we are not growing them then we are practicing sustainable wild crafting to harvest them in the beautiful mountains that surround our cabin. The mountains here are just as medicinal as the plants it seems. The mountains are our happy place and we wake up each morning wanting to pinch ourselves as we get to call this place home.

All of our oils, butters, beeswax, etc, are all organic, non gmo, and fair trade. Energetic medicine is also important to our craft and our final product is a alchemy between the plant and energetic world. We believe in the power of the plants. They are the original healers for the body, spirit and mind. All soaps are made the old fashioned way, using the cold process method, in small batches. I use a combination of all natural and organic oils. Each batch is handmade in our cabin with thought, care, & love. We keep our soaps PALM FREE.

Everything (but the soap + tinctures), is made to order. This keeps our products incredibly fresh so you get the best quality product we can offer. Since everything is made to order and I am also a mama of 4 kids, I thank you for your patience as it can take me 1-2 weeks to ship your package. If I am caught up on orders then I can ship faster. Orders are sent in the order they are received. I work alongside nature with these creations and while she is ever changing the colors in our products can sometime change too - It will all be the high quality products in the photo, just the colors maybe different depending on particular batches of shea butter, lighter/darker beeswax, etc... Salves and deodorant can melt during shipping in the summer. I do not use any fake gunk to keep your products together during high temps so simply just pop in the fridge to harden if you notice that it is a bit weepy. This will not change the quality of the product.

I *TRY* extremely hard to send most products in glass jars (with the exception of our 8 oz body creams). Please reuse or recycle all of our packaging! The glass jars can have so many uses when you are done :) If you are local, bring your jar back and Ill refill it with a discount for the jar/bottle. I also reuse packaging/shipping products as a way to recycle. Packaging/shipping may look different each time. We do not have recycling in our little town so this is one small way I can help.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to drop us a line!  

Green Blessings!